At Pippin Equestrian we endeavour to give children who do not own their own ponies the opportunity to encounter all the trials and tribulations of being a pony owner. 

All our lessons are graded from ‘miniatures’ (the smallest child just off the lead rein) through ‘Shetlands’, ‘Cobs’, ‘Fells’ to ‘Hunters and the ultimate Thoroughbreds. Children are regularly assessed to ensure the level of each group is kept constant. Each group is managed by an instructor giving the child continuity, a structured programme and confidence. Children can also spend the whole morning or day with us.
We teach the children about the care of their ponies, involving them in projects and practical stable management,. The work the children produce is displayed in our reception area and lecture room for everyone to see.
We run ‘in house’ competitions such as gymkhanas, show-jumping and dressage. When the youngsters are ready there is the chance to compete at local shows and each year we have qualified for the national finals of the British Horse Society Equitation competition, winning two years running. This competition is only open to non-horse owners.
Pippin Equestrian is Pony Club Centre, affiliated to the National Pony Club and open to all children who do not own their own pony. For more information see the ‘pony club’ page.
Owning your own pony is quite a responsibility and we operate a pony lease scheme which allows children to have a pony of their own and parents have no need to worry about keeping the pony. For full details of the scheme please speak to our office.
A number of the children that ride with us have borrowed our horses/ponies and competed for Gillingham School. The Gillingham school teams have qualified for the National finals at Dressage as well as jump and style competitions. We also have representatives on the school show-jumping team at Hickstead every year.